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Online Enrollment Packet

You will need to fill out a packet for each student. Enrollment fees are not collected online.


FOR 2022-2023

Pre-K Application


Kindergarten - 6th Grade Application


7th - 12th Application

     Community Christian School

    Enrollment Procedure Check List

  1. Complete all ONLINE enrollment forms and pay $180 Enrollment Forms
CCS Application for Admission-See Above
  1. Medication form
  2. Pick up list
  3. Emergency contact list
  4. Parent agreement
  5. Partnership agreement (grade 7 and up)
  6. Letter of Reference (High School students only)
  7. Other school records:
    1. Most recent report card
    2. Test scores
  8. Copy of:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Social security card
    3. Shot records

               Students cannot be enrolled without a copy of the above.

  1. Completed financial aid forms, if applicable, and a copy of your previous year’s Income Tax Form.  The administrator will meet with the finance committee during the summer.  You will be contacted as to their decision.
  2. All new students in Pre K and Kindergarten will be called during the summer to schedule Gesell screenings.  The Gesell screening fee is $50.00.  New students in 4-8th will be schedule to take a standardized test.  There is a $50.00 testing fee.  Testing and screening fees must be paid prior to test being given.
  3. Upon completion of screening/testing, the office will schedule an appointment with the parents to discuss results with the administrator and the tester.