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The purpose of the Warrior Advising program is to assist students with personal and academic goals by devising a plan of action that includes collegiate, trade, and career selection.



Warrior Advising exists to serve students in their final two years as they begin to transition and prepare for adult life.



Warrior Advising is a program that helps students navigate their spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical resources to make life decisions and discover the calling God has placed on their life. Our students will follow God's calling and with Warrior Advising, begin to make it a reality.



The goal of Warrior Advising is for students to see value in their gifts and discover their purpose by identifying their calling. Warrior Advising is a program that will help students develop goals and work towards excellence post-graduation.

Goals Breakdown

  1. Meetings with students.
  • Once per semester, a 15-20 minute meeting about goals and post-graduate plans.
  • Follow-up and check-in with students about progress.

   2. Prepare potential scholarship/financial aid resources.

   3. Advocate for graduates with local communities, businesses, colleges, and various trades.



The director of Warrior Advising will meet with students each semester of their junior and senior year.

Junior Year: Fall Semester

  • Preliminary discussion about post-graduation goals.
  • Look at academics, test scores, and graduation plan.

Junior Year: Spring Semester

  • Leadership/Service
  • College Fairs and College Visits
  • SATs versus ACTs
  • Testing Strategies

Senior Year: Fall Semester

  • Leadership/Service
  • College Applications
  • Career Testing

Senior Year: Spring Semester

  • Scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • Resume/Essay Workshops